Monday, March 19, 2012

Key West - Day 9, Mon, 3/19/2012

We left Bradenden, FL around 6:45 this morning. It took about an hour to get around Tampa area.  We stopped for first potty break and snack around 8:30. We swapped drivers and drove on toward Ocala. We stopped for gas around 9:30 in Gainesville. Gas price was $3.85 (Sammy helped with the gas).

We crossed into Georgia around 11:00. Goodbye Florida. We filled up with gas about 40 miles from Atlanta around 2:00. We drove through Atlanta without any traffic problem and stopped in Adairsville, 60 miles from Chattanooga, at 3:30 for dinner at Cracker Barrel.   We are always glad to see the Welcome to Tennessee sign. 

Back on road at 4:00, we headed toward north, hoping 5:00 traffic would not be too bad in Chattanooga.  Traffic was actually light and we breezed through Chattanooga.  We made our last rest area stop at the river and the pulled into home at 5:45 CT.  It was 13 hours driving to cover the 720 miles.

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