Sunday, March 11, 2012

Key West - Day 1 - Sun, 3/11/2012

We left at noon headed towards Chattanooga.  The van is loaded and squatted down in the back - we didn't leave much at home. There are no stores in Florida, you know.
First stop in Tiftonia to meet Denise and Christi for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Bellies full, we headed down I-24 at 3:45 (we lost 2 hours with DST and Eastern time zone) toward Chattanooga and on to Atlanta.

We survived Atlanta - why is it they change the name of I-75 to Hwy 401 for 5 miles through Atlanta?  It must a joke on the tourists coming through.

Fueled up at 6:00 pm and drove on to Macon Fairfield Inn for the evening.

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